The Ideal Home

Toranomon Hills Residential Tower
is, itself, a single immense residence;
the common areas are as much a part
of your home as your private domicile.
Every residence has been afforded
the finest spatial and interior design
and furnishings of the highest quality;
but so have the common areas,
providing a setting that is palatial,
but also warm and welcoming—
like an extension of your home.
This is a place that allows you
to revel in the richness of urban life
in Tokyo’s most desirable location;
every detail embodies
the ideals of what a home should be,
as envisioned by Tokyo’s leading
developer of luxury residences.
Residences #1

Residences of
the Highest Quality

Building details
Residences #2

Urban Vistas

Located in the heart of Tokyo,
Toranomon Hills Residential Tower offers
expansive views of the entire city—one
of the joys of living here.
Views will vary depending on which floor the residence is on.
Virtual 360° view
Images represent photographs taken inside the Toranomon Hills Residence Showroom located inside Mori Tower. The showroom is not for sale.
Window view images were shot in February 2020 from the 34th and 41st floors of the building in all directions and may differ from actual views. Views and scenery differ from floor to floor and residence to residence. Images do not constitute a guarantee that views will remain the same in the future.
Residences #3


Common areas
The building is full of
features designed to
enrich your life and
to make your guests
feel right at home.
The Gallery / Library
1st Floor
Toranomon Hills Kitchen
1st Floor
This restaurant is exclusively for residents and their guests. It is open from morning till night for breakfast, lunch, teatime, and dinner.
Food and beverages are not complimentary.
Toranomon Hills Spa
2nd – 3rd Floors
This members-only fitness club and spa features a 25-meter pool, gym, spa, and café. Personal training and other fitness programs are offered.
Requires a membership fee.
Guest House Guest Rooms
41st Floor
Two guestrooms are available for friends, family, and other guests you may want to invite.
Capacity: 4 (2 adults, 2 children)
Bookings require a fee.
Guest House Living & Dining
41st Floor
The 210㎡ party lounge on the 41st floor is available for residents to enjoy the broad sky and the breathtaking view that spreads out below. Equipped with a kitchen and dining room, it is an ideal space for parties and other occasions. May be used freely when it has not been separately reserved.
Bookings require a fee.
Suite & Serviced
Apartment Reception
1st Floor
Concierges who are fluent in both Japanese and English are available 24 hours a day.
Valet Drop-Off
1st Floor
A doorman is stationed at the building entrance throughout the day, arranging valet, porter, and other services you may require.
1st Floor
For Sky Suite Residents
Sky Suite Reception
42nd Floor
Concierges who are fluent in both Japanese and English are available 24 hours a day.
Private Entrance
1st Floor
Staff who are fluent in both Japanese and English are stationed at this exclusive entrance for Sky Suite residents, conducting security checks and attending to guests. Residents may also make special departure and arrival arrangements.
Sky Salon
42nd Floor
Coffee, soft drinks, and snacks are served at this exclusive lounge for Sky Suite residents and their guests. Dishes may also be ordered from Toranomon Hills Kitchen on the 1st Floor. The lounge includes meeting rooms that are available for booking.
  • The information is correct as of November 2020. Service details and hours may change in the future. Services may be unavailable during busy times and under certain circumstances. Area and floor names may change in the future. Services listed as complimentary may in the future require a fee.
Artist’s renderings are based on blueprints from the planning stage of the project. Actual objects, colors, and other details may differ. Renderings exclude certain aspects, such as equipment and details in the objects. Trees and plants in the renderings may differ in location, height, number, and other details due to circumstances that arise from construction. Renderings of the surrounding neighborhood have been simplified and differ from the actual neighborhood. The view shown in this illustration is a composite of view photos taken in February 2020 from a height equivalent to the 41st floor of the planned site, and may differ from the actual view on completion. This view is not guaranteed due to future changes in the area. Furniture, furnishings, works of art, etc. in shared facilities are subject to change. Use of shared facilities is subject to management rules, etc. (some facilities will require a reservation and/or a fee for use). Furniture and furnishings shown in the owner’s exclusive area (in graphics and in photos) are not included in the selling price. Actual objects, colors, and other details may differ. Images exclude certain aspects, such as equipment and details in the objects.
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